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  • Inspired Designs (ID) is an exclusive platform to sell new brands hats, apparel and accessories. We sell these products through our distribution channels both online and in physical retail locations. Our goal is to give exposure and sales to great new brands who offer the best in business, marketing, design, fabrications and craftsmanship - worldwide.
  • For a monthly fee and percentage commission, will host the storefront of the brand.


  • You fill out our online application form to become a member of ID

  • Your application form gets reviewed to see if you’re a fit for the program

  • Once approved, you pay your fees and we distribute your products on our platforms

  • We promote and advertise your products on all our channels

  • When a customer buys online we ship out the product.* If retail, we restock the item

  • Once a month we pay out commissions to your brand for the previous month


**Droppshipping options are available if you choose to not have us warehouse the product. Here are the requirments if you would like to ship your own items.
• You must inlcude stickers, marketing materials and packing slips in the shipping box.
• You must ship out all items within 3 days (72 hours) of purchase.

Responsibilites expects all brands to run their business in a professional manner.
Your responsibilities include

  • Creating new and exciting products
  • Providing us with photos, videos, names, descriptions of all new products and models
  • Providing us with logos, graphics and other marketing materials
  • reserves the right to NOT post any products that can be viewed as
    racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive and insulting.


What are the benefits?
  • Earn huge sales and add additional revenue streams for your company
  • Enhance your image and shape how consumers perceive your brand
  • Utilize our knowledge of marketing, branding and distribution
  • Include your products in our marketing efforts & access new markets online and retail
  • Access to our retail distribution and online distribution and our huge current customer base
  • Increased exposure and brand awareness for your products or company
Where are the products distributed?
  • Retail Kiosks
  • Physical Retailers
  • Website
  • Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) and other tradeshows
  • Online storefronts such as eBay and Amazon
  • Online Retailers
How are the products marketed?
  • Website
    • Front page big slider
    • Front page square
    • Header for your section
  • Retail Kiosks
    • Promo holder graphic
    • Inspired Designs tag
    • In-store poster
  • Social Media

    We market to all of our
    followers on the most
    popular channels

  • E-mail Marketing

    We regularly e-mail our
    vast list of subscribers
    and current customers

  • Online Platforms

    We market your products on our online storefronts such as eBay and Amazon

  • Tradeshows
    • Sign with your logo
    • We hand out marketing materials and promotional items on your behalf
Who do we prefer to work with?
  • You have high resolution photos and/or videos of products and models to use for marketing
  • You have invested in
    technology & marketing
    materials for your brand
  • Industry experience & following
  • Amazing products
  • You have invested in
    technology & marketing
    material for your brand
  • Great social media
    presence and following
  • Manages inventory effectively with dedicated support



In exchange for the ability to have your products on platforms, vendors will pay us the follows fees.

A monthly administration fee of $30.00.
A commission fee equal to 25% of the sales of the vendor’s goods.

The administation fees covers:

  • Running and operating, technical maintenance, upgrades, design and functionality of the website
  • Invoicing, customer service, packing, shipping, returns and/or exchanges
  • Inventory management, retail distribution, money collection and warehousing

On a monthly basis, sending the vendor a check, PayPal payment or e-mail money transfer equal to 100% of the sales of the products,
less monthly fees and commisisons, sold through our platforms.

For more information please contact us.