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A finished Lacer cap is a combination of four accessories constructed together to create a single bespoke product that can be endlessly customized to a numberof style preferences. To the common eye, the Lacer design may appear to be a simplistic concept but the manufacturing layout involves a number of details thatset Lacer products apart from any other headwear brands.



Inspired by sneaker culture, Lacer Headwear allows the evolution of sports footwear to be relived within a baseball cap. Each cap design is patented, combiningthe baseball cap and sneaker perfectly to produce a supreme companion accessory for any pair of kicks. Embodying a maxim of "evolved originality,"Lacer Headwear provides innovative fashion accessories for those drawn to cultural evolution and for those who uprise against conventional concepts.


The Frame

The frames of our hats are typically made with cotton, wool, or acrylic twill but our factory has the ability to use any fabric desired when customizing a Lacerfitted or snapback. We take pride in the quality of our manufacturing and specialize in high stitch counts. The front two panels feature five eyelets strategicallymeasured and placed for a smooth shoe lace weaving experience just as if you were lacing up your favorite pair of sneakers. On the inside of each Lacer capis a satin liner with branded taping and tags, providing a new level of comfort for our customers while also increasing the quality and value of each hat.Lastly, every hat includes our signature Lacer branded rubber stamp located on the back.


Detail. Detail. Detail. Each lace is a slightly waxed 26 inch lace with branded aglets. To promote the ability of customizing your Lacer to fit your individual style,every Lacer cap comes with two different color laces at no extra cost to our customers.


Branding is everything to us, which is why we decided to include an emblem (dubrae) within the Lacer design. The coated metal emblem enables consumersto represent their favorite sports teams and brands in a new unique way. Lacer emblems can be taken off the hat, moved around within the Lacer design,or used on any pair of sneakers. Licensed Lacer emblems sold separately.