Strength In Numbers

Strength in Numbers Fundraising Organizations was started immediately after we considered the initial ideas for our Inspired Exclusive (IE) caps. The Inspired Exclusive brand was designed from the outset to epitomise quality & creativity. However we wanted individuals and companies alike to recognize the empathetic nature of how we do business. Before our first initial product was conceived "our team" made it clear that a percentage of the proceeds of all sales from this particular line of caps "Inspired Exclusive (IE)" would be distributed to a various Not-For-Profit charities locally and globally that signifies our core ideologies.

The Strength In Numbers fundraising initiatives reaches out to the youth and other vulnerable groups around the world by raising and contributing funds and tools they desperately need to succeed. We realize we need to start now, so we can start to shape and mold the leaders of tomorrow and give disadvantaged groups a chance for a better life. We believe that we all have the power to promote social change and this is only the beginning of our contribution. As our company and influence grows, so would our charitable contributions.

Strength In Numbers however did not start and stop at "The Cap Guys Inc". This organization will eventually take contributions from our parent company The BeautyVille Inc.; and other companies and individuals. The ideas and desires we have for this are local, global and universal. We want to encourage more businesses and individuals to be leaders of today by offering time, resources, expertise, funds and materials to promote growth for tomorrow's leaders - as they are our future.

Strength In Number Core Principles:
  • Provide funds, expertise and education for the youth
  • Help and nurture vulnerable groups effected by disease and illness
  • Encourage businesses and individuals to contribute to their communities
  • Have fun, stay focused and contribute to something bigger than the individual
The Inspired Exclusive brand stands for:
  • Innovation and Education
  • Imagination and Evolution
  • Intelligence and Emotion
  • Integrity and Empathy

If you would like to donate directly to the Strength In Numbers fundraising initiative, without purchasing an item please click the button below. You can donate as much or as little as you can. Every contribution counts. 100% of all direct donations go to charitable causes.


The Cap Guys Inc and Strength In Numbers proudly supports the following organizations through fundraising and donations.

Youth Association For Academics, Athletics and Character Education

Founded in 2007, the Youth Association for Academics Athletics and Character Education (Y.A.A.A.C.E) is a community organization that seeks to engage children and youth from all communities – particularly those from marginalized and poor under-resourced communities through participation in year round comprehensive programming and activities (academics, athletics, recreation, technology and the arts.

Yonge Street Mission

The Yonge Street Mission has been on the front lines of service since 1896, providing emergency help, and fostering long-term change in the lives of individuals, families and the community itself.

Toronto Youth Development

Toronto Youth Development is a registered charitable organization created in 1995 to assist and foster Toronto’s children in order to assist in reducing the social dilemma of high school drop out rates, community violence and next generation poverty.

Toronto North Stars Children Steel Orchestra

The Toronto North Stars Children Steel Orchestra is a children and youth musical steel band.


You can donate directly to the The Cap Guys Inc. and Strength In Numbers Fundraising efforts by using the button below. Do something great today!