Elements of A Custom Cap

The button is at the very top of the cap and it joins all of the panels together. This can be any colour.

The thread the joins all of the panels of the cap together. The stitching can be any colour.

These are the small holes at the top of the cap. Functionally these holes allow for air to escape.
The eylets can be any colour.

Is the peak of the cap. Functionally it is used to block out the sun, but can be used for style.
You can use the brim for printed graphics, embroidery or ir can be any colour. The brim cann be flat or curved.

The crown is the main part of the cap. The crown is made up of all of the panels stitched together.
The crown can be any colour and you change any panel(s) to be a different colour.

The under side of the peak of the cap. You can use the brim for printed graphics, embroidery or it can be any colour.
The brim can flat or curved.

Seam Tape

The seam tape is on the under side of the crown. A logo or text can be placed here.
Functionally it acts as a surface to stitch the panels of the crown together.

The sweatband absorbs moisture from your head. The sweatband is black to avoid visible stains.
You can affix your tag(s) here which can have your logo or brand name.

The buckram is made from a strong canvas to provide stiffness to the front of the cap.
The buckram is the difference between a structured and unstructured cap.
Structured caps, allow the hat to keep its shape if it is crumpled.

The cap can be “closed” in a variety of ways. We currently offer Fitted, Snapbacks, Bucklebacks and Strapbacks.
Fitted caps offer a fixed sized, while the others are adjustable. All closures can be adjusted in colour.